Senior-Friendly Photo Frame with Reminders

Finally, an easy way for family and friends to share information with an elderly loved one!

The easy-to-read 8" Digital Frame will display messages, appointments, medication, schedules, occasions, photos and more!

No computer or internet required at the location of the frame. Just plug it into an existing phone line. No complicated electronics to operate.

Great for seniors living in:

Private Homes . Independent Living . Assisted Living . Nursing Home

Here is What You Get

Purchase a 1 year subscription and you will receive a free 8" digital frame, 11' phone line, phone jack splitter, WiFi adapter, a password to the TelAgenda website calendar and the email address to the frame.

You will receive a free digital frame when you purchase a subscription to the TelAgenda service. The subscription allows an unlimited number of family and friends to access the TelAgenda website. Messages can be sent, appointment reminders added, medication schedules updated and more, from your computer to the digital frame. You can also email photos to the frame.

Set Up is Quick and Easy!

Just plug in the frame, attach the phone line and set it in a convenient location, such as a night stand, end table or kitchen counter. Now your loved one is ready to receive messages and photos.

Sending Messages and Schedule Information

You will now be able to log on to the TelAgenda website calendar from your computer using the provided password. You can set up additional login accounts for unlimited number of family and friends. Once on the site you can click onto Medications, Appointments, Occasions, Activities, or Messages and input information. You choose the date and the number of days the information is to be displayed. The frame receives new downloaded information each day. Each screen scrolls continuously throughout the day. Each frame can be set to a desired time to automatically turn on and off.

Sending Photos

You will receive an email address for the frame. This will allow you to email photos. The frame can store up to 40 photos. These will scroll after any messages. The first photo will be deleted when the 41st photo is sent. Customizing photos with names and dates can be done on the photo software you currently use prior to emailing the photo to the frame.

Annual Subscription Plan

To get started, just purchase an annual subscription and you will get a free frame! Subscriptions are renewable annually to continue the service without interruption:

  • 1 year subscription w/free frame - $199.00
  • 1 year subscription renewal - $199.00